11 Random Amazon Purchases I’m Loving

This post contains affiliate links from Amazon – when you shop through these links I make a small commission.

Amazon and I are BFF’s – I order everything from Amazon and when shipping was starting to be delayed because of COVID-19 I found a hack to change to 1-day shipping. Check out my Instagram highlight “Amazon Shipping Hack” if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I have a list of 10 items ordered from Amazon that I thought I would share – completely random items, but they’re essential in my book!

1. Veggie Chopper

This veggie chopper arrived this week and I couldn’t wait to use it. I originally saw it on another blogger’s page (@KarlieRae) and ordered immediately. Jake and I order meal kits from Martha and Marley Spoon – I’ll do a write up on this soon – but the prep of the veggies is so tedious. This chopper can dice, mince or puree soooo easily and it’s VERY easy to clean! I ordered one for my MIL for Mother’s Day and it has yet to arrive, but it will make the best gift for the person that has everything. Last night I made pico de gallo and it was delicious!

2. Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

We just ordered our second beach chair and this is the one we love. It folds up so easily and will lay all the way flat for tanning! It has a cooler pouch and backpack straps for easy transport. This would make a great Father’s Day present for the men in your life too! Our original one was purchased from Costco and it sold out so fast – if you have a membership check your store the next time you go in!

3. Any Cleaning Supplies from Grab Green

We have been using the Grab Green laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent for a while and are loving it. They are each in my subscribe and save orders so we get them automatically every month. I always prefer a pod for my detergents and have found these to be so effective. They are plant based and scented with essential oils. They’re also made without, phosphates, phthalates, chlorine, animal by-products, toxins, dyes or masking agents; AND made in the USA.

4. Yeti Coffee Mug

Jake gave me a Yeti coffee mug for Christmas last year and it is my go-to coffee mug every day. I love that it can be used for iced or hot coffee and keeps coffee hot or ice cold for HOURS! These yeti’s make the best gifts! I especially love that mine has a handle and is dishwasher safe on the top rack! This is an essential for moms that are sick of drinking cold coffee haha!

5. Kitchen Shears

Ok, I agree – this is probably the most random item on the list! We all have a pair of kitchen scissors that probably came with our knife set. I AM OBSESSED with cutting ingredients in the kitchen. If it doesn’t work in the chopper, it’s getting cut with scissors. All of Everly’s meals and our herbs are great for cutting with scissors. I love this pair that stays so sharp even after cleaning in the dishwasher for years.

6. Silk Hairties

Another VERY random item to order, but I love these ones. I originally got a free one by a more expensive brand and loved it. I wasn’t about to pay $10 for another one hairtie, so I found these other ones and they are just as good. I like to sleep in these hair ties if I have my hair up or use them when my hair is curled, so it doesn’t crease. If you’re interested in the other brand – it is slip (they also make the silk pillowcases)!

7. Dupray Neat Steamer

I’ve shared this steam cleaner in stories before and I always get lots of messages. It is a high heat steam sanitizer that cleans floors, upholstery, windows, grout, showers and so much more. It comes with lots of attachments and you only need to add water to get the deep clean. Last weekend I used it to clean our shower and it was incredible to see the grime and scum that came off of the tiles! I should have taken before and after pictures – haha! If you’re concerned about sanitizing and deep cleaning this is a great tool to have. We no longer need to mop our floors with a traditional mop which is a win in my book!

8. VacuVin Wine Saver

I might be the minority, but I’m the type of person that likes to have one glass of wine with dinner each night. Before I found this vacuum sealer for my wine bottles I felt like I wasting a lot of wine. It’s pretty inexpensive and easy to use. I just seal until I hear the clicks and and the rest of the bottle is good for 4-5 days or even more for white wine in the fridge.

9. Ground Meat Chopper for Taco Night

Such a simple invention, but now it’s a neccessity in my kitchen. This tool helps break up ground meat (beef, turkey, chicken, etc) into smaller bits for tacos, meat sauce, etc! Plus it’s dishwasher safe!

10. Face Sponges

I recently ordered this sponges to give myself an “at home facial” and they are great! They’re reusable for about a week – you just need to let them air dry completely on your bathroom counter. They help exfoliate your face while your cleansing! Yes, you could use a simple wash cloth, but I feel like these are able to scrub a little bit better. Eventually, I’ll convince Jake to let me buy a Clarisonic, but these are fine for now!

11. Adorable Blank Cards & Envelopes

I bought these cards to use as Beautycounter thank you cards and was really impressed with the quality, so I just ordered again. They have cute designs on the front and are blank inside so they’re perfect for any occasion. I love getting hand written cards in the mail (especially in these times), so I am assuming others like to get mail too!

What other random Amazon items should I check out? Leave them in the comments!



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