Clean Beauty

I joined Beautycounter as a customer in 2017 when I found out about the lack of regulation for personal care products in the US. Did you know that the United States only bans 30 harmful ingredients for use in products? They also are unable to recall products if there are known carcinogens in them such as asbestos and formaldehyde. The European Union bans over 1400 ingredients! Why is the United States so afraid to match that? It’s kind of scary once you start to think about the harmful ingredients in your products and the products of your babies, children, and other family members.

Beautycounter bans over 1800 harmful ingredients from their products and is working day in and day out to reform these issues in the Senate.

I personally wanted high performing makeup and skincare with safe ingredients and I found that with Beautycounter. Yes, it is a direct sales company, but you can purchase in stores in the US (locations in Nantucket, NYC, and Denver) and through the website directly without a consultant. In 2018 I joined as a consultant – at the time it was $98 to join and I was going to be earning commission from orders and saving 25% on my personal orders. It was a win win.

Now fast forward to 2020 and I am so proud to be a part of the Beautycounter mission. The products have gotten SO much better since their original release over seven years ago. They are continuously screening and batch testing with their in house lab and going above and beyond every other “clean” brand.

Are you looking to get involved with Beautycounter or learn more about clean beauty? There are three ways!

  1. Shop –

Beauty Consultation, free
I offer in-person, phone or Facetime consultations to help women find a beauty routine that meets their needs – either to address a particular skin issue, or for an everyday look.

2. Beautycounter Party, free to host and rewarded with free and discounted products
Invite your friends for a shopping event (virtual in these times). I’ll share everything about Beautycounter including the mission, skincare products, beauty products, kid’s line, etc! Once it’s safe to do so I’ll also be available for in home parties – facial peel parties, makeup parties, skincare sample parties, etc!

3. Join the Movement, for only $50 (valid through June 2020)
Join the IcedCoffeeMom team! I offer mentorship to women looking to feel empowered by gaining a voice and a side income, while sharing the mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. Submit my Consultant Interest Form if you are interested in more information!