April Adventures with Everly

This month marked 21 full months with our little Everly. She is talking in sentences, getting into trouble, and melting my heart daily. She’s the sweetest, most curious little girl. BUT she also has her stubborn side. I post a lot of our daily activities in my Instagram stories, but thought I’d recap the month of April on here.

Everly’s Toys

We got a few new toys/activities this month including Kinetic Sand, our favorite Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Pads, a bubble gun, and even a harmonica (from her Pa Pa). She could walk around playing it all day… but I’m not tryin’ to go deaf by 35.

Moving Update

Yes, we’re moving, so most of Everly’s toys are packed up a little storage unit. We’ve been trying to sell our house — heyyy! Someone come buy it, please! Between open houses and showings it’s been pretty stressful to get Everly and the cats out and keep the house clean. The new house is in the same neighborhood, just a few streets over, but it has more square feet and PARKING! Woooo!


We headed to Cape Cod to visit with family for Easter. It was the first event of the year at the country club with a special visit from the Easter bunny. (BTW Everly is scared to death of it). There was a small egg hunt and sooo much food including raw bar, omelet station, beef tenderloin, etc. I’m still full from that dang buffet… ha not really though.

Baby Showers

I was lucky enough to co-host a baby shower for my best friend in Florida early in the month. We took a trip to South Florida to enjoy the festivities. Everly did great on the flight down, but ended up with a horrible case of separation anxiety/teething while we were there. The shower went off without a hitch – highly recommend ordering everything baby related on Etsy. It was so simple! And of course, now my baby fever is at an all time high because my best friend is due in June!


Franklin Zoo

We took a day trip to the Franklin Zoo with Everly. I’m not usually a fan of zoo’s, but this one has tons of green space and an enormous playground that Everly loves. We saw all kinds of animal and even went into the feeding area. It was really fun to see Everly’s face when she recognized an animal in real life from a book or movie. The gorillas and the petting area were the highlights!

Everly’s Meals

Between months 6 and 18 I put a lot of unnecessary effort into making Everly’s meals. I would make Jake and I dinner and then always make something else for Everly and I got completely burnt out. In the last few months we have started giving Everly the same thing that we eat for dinner almost every night and she’s actually been eating it! I could probably do a full blog post on this, but my best recommendation for new moms is to give your children the same food as you from day 1! There is no need to make a separate mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli when your child could be perfectly fine eating the same thing as you. I learned this the hard way and had to re-train her, but lately it’s been great! For lunches I will make her some of her favorite staples: homemade chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, cheese quesadillas, etc.

Her favorite foods right now are steak, roasted sweet potatoes, pickles, smoothies, and cottage cheese! BASICALLY all of my favorites too 🙂

Jake and I have been making Green Chef meals for almost two years and we love them. We have the Omnivore box and get three meals weekly for each of us. Here’s a coupon code if you’d like to try it out!

That’s a wrap on April – we’re ready for May! AND warmer temps 🙂



Weekend in Review: Starting July

Weekend in Review: Starting July

July is by far my FAVORITE month of the year. There are lots of birthday celebrations, beach days, ice cream runs, beautiful sunsets, weddings, sales (!!!), and suntans.  This weekend we only had two things planned – a friend’s wedding in the Cape and swimming in the pool. The weather forecast in the Cape was expected to be perfect, hot with 0% chance of rain and a slight breeze.

The wedding was in Brewster, MA at a beautiful venue, Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club. The ceremony was so sweet.. I always cry no matter what. The food was delicious and the DJ was on point. Jake and I spent the whole night on the dance floor and I was so sore the next morning. I had a great hangover to go with the sore legs too. I thought sticking to tequila, soda and grapefruit would have me in the clear, but apparently when you drink 6 of them you are bound to have a hangover.

(Dress: Lord and Taylor Shoes: BP. @ Nordstrom Sunglasses: BP. @ Nordstrom)

Everly stayed with her Grandpa and had a great night listening to music, playing with her toys and eating a big dinner.

Sunday morning we had a delicious breakfast at our favorite spot in the Cape, Bagel Haven. Then immediately got ready to be poolside. Everly splashed around for a full hour before taking a long afternoon nap.

Everly is starting to become fussy during the daytime… which hasn’t happened in a really long time. I’m assuming she’s teething and hot, but it’s exhausting for this mama. And it makes it very difficult to take adorable pictures of her.

After some time in the pool and an afternoon rest we headed to the Cotuit Kettleers home game. It was the first game that Jake, Everly and I had been to and we had a great time. We brought plenty of snacks and toys for Everly and laid a blanket out in the shady lawn. I highly recommend going to a game if you’re looking for a free Cape Cod activity. The concession stand had great snacks including hot dogs, lobster rolls, and a chowder and it was very family friendly. We’ll definitely be back with a bigger picnic basket and some hard ciders.

I also forced my husband to wear a “Cool Dad” shirt to match Everly — it was a late Father’s Day gift. He’s such a good sport for all of my embarrassing antics. And it also was great opportunity for a million pictures of these two.


Her sweet little face and hands on her hips!

What a weekend! We’ll be in the Cape for the 4th of July too! Lots of fun planned with my little mini for her first year of celebrations 🙂



Weekend in Review: HFD

Let’s be honest. Every day is the weekend for Everly & I (sahmlife), but we look forward to Saturday all week because we get 48 uninterrupted hours with Dadda! This weekend could not have been more perfect and we spent every second spoiling him.

Friday night we treated ourselves to a family dinner at our most favorite family date night spot in Southie, Capo. Lots of wine for the parents and lots of meatballs for the babe. If you’re looking for a family friendly restaurant in Southie, Capo is our #1. And trust me… we’ve tried them all. They pass out adorable baby onesies that say “Mini Meatball”, the music is loud enough to not hear any cries, and the menu is perfectly “kid-friendly”. The other reason, ok maybe the main reason, that we go to Capo is for the gelato. Peanut butter chocolate gelato…. heaven 🙌🏻

The weather on Saturday was perfect – summer is definitely here to stay. We had Everly’s besties 1st birthday party in the burbs. Lots of sunshine, splashes in the kiddie pools and cake!

Then we took off for the Cape to spend time relaxing poolside.

I grew up going to my Grandmom & Granddad’s pool, so I’m super happy that Everly is able to make similar memories at her Grampy’s pool. Actually both of her Grandpa’s have awesome pools – this kid really has the best life. 3 months of swim lessons definitely paid off 😂 – she loves the water!

We had two delicious dinners – one Saturday night in Mashpee Commons and one Sunday night at the country club. After dinner, Everly and I were sad to say bye to Dadda – he had to catch a flight to the west coast for work.

How was your Father’s Day weekend? What did you do to celebrate the dads in your life?